The Importance of Sustainability and ESG.

In an investment context, "ESG" refers to Environmental, Social, and Governance information that can impact corporate fortunes. Sustainability involves using that information to create lasting business and investment value, as well as to help control risk. At Capital Advisors, we view Sustainability as an evolution of fundamental investment analysis. We incorporate the approach into our corporate DNA and the sound financial guidance we provide our clients.

Time and again, we find companies that create the most long-term, sustained value for shareholders are also exceptional stewards of their employees, communities and the environment. At Capital Advisors, we strive to embed those qualities in our core values - and we strive to identify those qualities in the companies with which we invest.
Key Points:
  • Sustainability and "ESG" can mean a variety of things. The following is our definition: Sustainability is an approach to creating and expanding value over time. It can apply to managing a company or an investment strategy.
  • ESG is an information category essential to sustainability that is becoming steadily more important to value creation.
  • We do not use "ESG scores" provided by third parties to exclude companies from consideration. Our disciplined investment process is focused on identifying businesses that we believe are among the most sustainable in the world.
  • Sustainability is about doing well for your portfolio and doing good for the world through a deep understanding of global economic and social trends. At its heart, it is at the cutting-edge of finance.
  • Capital Advisors is a signatory of PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment).
How ESG Contributes to Investment Strategies
ESG Categories
Socio-Economic Trends, Supply Chain Strengths & Hidden Risks, Workplace Safety/Employee Relations, Capacity to Generate & Process Valuable Ideas, Government Relations, Regulatory Exposures
Investment Edge
Risk Management, Brand Management, Innovation & Value Creation, Earnings & Growth Sustainability
Value Assessment
Assessment of a company's valuation, risk profile and role within an investment portfolio
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